Using the Curriculum: Video Modules, Lessons and Activities

The documentary film, video modules, lessons and activities are a means by which educators and community health advocates can bring the complex realities of health and society into the classroom and community.  The myriad of factors that contribute to HIV’s impact on the African American and African communities are presented in truthful and unflinching terms.  Knowing the mechanics of the virus is simply not enough for the community to survive it.  We need to understand the stark realities of how the disease permeates the community aided by political, social and cultural beliefs, policies and practices.There are four sections in this introduction to the curriculum: Frequently Asked Questions (p.4–5), Documentary Film Synopsis (p.6–7), Skills and Standards (p.8–13), and Resources and Facilitating Discussions (p.14–20).  Regardless of whether you are an educator or community health advocate, you will find useful information in each section.  We strongly encourage you to read all 20 pages.

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