Lesson 14: Distrust and Conspiracy

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“There is a long and nasty history of research in the black community that would never be tolerated in an all-white community . . .” for example, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, where essentially 399 black men were allowed to be ravaged by the disease and die while medical researchers watched.   This ignoble history has left the Black community to this day with little trust or faith in the medical and scientific establishment.  Unfortunately, this distrust of western medicine is problematic especially at a time when the Black community is being devastated by an HIV/AIDS epidemic. Add to this situation, healthcare providers who serve the Black community but have no connection to or understanding of the Black community. This distrust then becomes validated and exacerbated to the point where conspiracy theories about HIV become a viable belief in the Black community. The video module, “Distrust and Conspiracy,” examines the history and current state of affairs between the Black community, in the US and Africa, and the western medical and scientific establishment.

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